Event & Crowd Control

We work with owner builders & private property owners for your construction fence hire needs

Undertaking an owner-builder project or major renovations on your property? We can provide temporary construction fence hire to you too!

In fact, we can service:

Event & Crowd Control fence panels can either be 2.3m (L) x 1.1m (H) and/or 2.4m(L) x 2.1(H)

Crowd Control Barriers
Temporary Hire

The Purpose of Crowd Control Barries

Whether you require temporary fencing or conventional crowd control barriers, their fundamental role in crowd management includes queue organization, guiding the flow of participants, and establishing boundaries. While waiting in queues may not be enjoyable, it remains the most efficient method to regulate and facilitate the entry process for a substantial number of attendees at various events. Similarly, strategically positioned fencing and barriers assist in directing individuals to different sections and attractions, naturally dispersing large crowds instead of imposing strict entry limitations.

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