Unsure about the process of temporary fence hire?

We have broken down and answered all our frequently asked questions so you can get a clearer idea of what’s involved with hiring temporary fencing and/or crowd control barriers.

Below is a summary of our most frequently asked questions.

Our selection of temporary fence components is readily available to secure your site according to your needs.

The types of temporary fence we hire out include:

All our temporary fence panels are constructed using high quality galvanised steel with mesh infills.

Absolutely! All our temporary fence hire components are compliant with the Australian Standards for Temporary Fencing and Hoardings (AS 4687-2007).

Our staff are also fully trained and qualified to install your temporary fence to ensure it complies with industry standards.

We are the trusted name in temporary fence hire across Sydney, NSW. The reasons to use Build Best Fence Hire are many…

  1. Build Best Fence Hire is a local family-owned and operated business, and because we are 100% locally owned all income stays in the local communities. 
  2. We are competitive on price… How competitive? Why not give us a call and find out!
  3. We are super fast in both delivery and pickup.
  4. Our product is top-notch, new or near new and fully compliant with the Australian Standards.
  5. And we guarantee service with a smile!
The hire period will begin on the day of delivery/installation.

Each temporary fence hire will have an initial hire period. Once this initial hire period has ended, we will get in contact with you to determine the pick up date. The fence will be off-hired from this date.

Once the initial hire period has finished, the hire will automatically change to monthly billing until you request for the fence to be removed. Don’t worry, we do not increase an initial hire period of six months by another six months when all you need is an extra month!

If you no longer require the temporary fence while you are still in your initial hire period, we can collect the fence early, but there is no partial refund. The initial hire period is the minimum agreed cost for the temporary fence hire.

Once we have all your details, we will email you an invoice for payment.

Through the email, you have the option to directly transfer with bank details or follow the link that is provided.

Build Best Fence Hire may keep card details on file, for the purpose of recouping unpaid bills or damages.

Wherever possible we aim to keep all costs inclusive so you don’t incur additional charges, however, there are some circumstances where additional charges come into effect. These include:

Labour Costs

The temporary fence hire includes one (1) delivery and one (1) pick up. If a request is made to come and move the fence, add additional fence panels, partially remove fence panels etc then a labour charge of $80 plus GST per hour including travel time, or a minimum charge of $150 plus GST – whichever is the greatest, will apply.

If Best Build Fence Hire attends your site and is unable to install or collect the temporary fencing and components on the day requested by the customer, for any reason outside of Build Best Fence Hire control, then labour charges set out above will apply.

Damaged or lost equipment

Best Build Fence Hire thoroughly inspects all our products before leaving our depot and again upon collection. If any part is damaged, unable to be repaired, missing or stolen, replacement costs will be incurred.

Replacement costs for common products deemed unfit for repair, missing or stolen will be as follows;

  1. Construction fence panels 2.4m $130 plus GST
  2. Plastic Fence Feet $40 plus GST
  3. Fence Clamps $10 plus GST
  4. Support Stays $50 plus GST
  5. Gate Clamp $20 plus GST
  6. Crowd Control Barrier $150.00 plus GST

Yes, you can move and/or adjust the fence onsite but please get approval from Build Best Fence Hire. The fence cannot be relocated to another site.

Absolutely! We can even arrange the shade cloth and banner mesh for you.

However, there are a few important things to consider first… Temporary Fence is not fixed to the ground, and attaching shade cloth or too much signage can lead to the fence being vulnerable to blowing over in strong winds. We always recommend installing wind braces to the temporary fence to help stabilise the fence when you are using shade cloth, banner mesh or extensive signage.

If you, the customer, fits shade cloth or signage to the fence, or if you have Build Best Fence Hire fit the shade cloth, the responsibility is on you, the customer, to ensure the fence does not blow over. Build Best Fence Hire will not be liable for any injury or damage as a result of the fence blowing over. We recommend all shade cloth and signage be removed by the customer in the event of strong winds.


We can offer fast Next Day Delivery and installation all over the greater Sydney metro areas of the temporary fencing system.

Still have questions? Our team are on hand and ready to answer any further question you have about temporary fence hire. Give us a call today!